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  • Eggs

    “AGRI.SS” Ltd. tenders high quality barn-laid eggs. Our eggs are produced with guaranteed quality and control, sorted out and packed in conformity with the European standards.
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  • Grain

    “AGRI.SS” Ltd. cultivates 30,000 decares of agricultural land – own and rented - in the municipalities of General Toshevo and Shabla by the means of its private modern fleet of agricultural machinery. We grow high quality wheat, barley, sunflower, coleseed and legumes: soya, lentils, beans, peas, etc.
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About us

“AGRI.SS” Ltd.  cultivates 30,000 decares of agricultural land, breeds over 200,000 layers in its own private poultry farm on an area of 120 decares, is in possession of storage facilities for processing, desiccation and storage of 37, 000 tonnes of grain, provides transport services both for passengers and freights by private means of transport, is in possession of a bus station, an annual vehicle inspection centre …

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2 Vasil Aprilov Str., General Toshevo, Bulgaria
phone: +35957313912
fax: +35957313918